Infrastructure Inspections

Using small, portable, highly maneuverable and field repairable platforms with our Unmanned systems enables us at Kaizen Kinetics to safely assist you inspect and monitor your energy, transportation, communication and structural infrastructures. Inspections can be done quickly and on demand with live, precise, high resolution imagery transmitted immediately for on and offsite assessment and decision making. Critical and preventative monitoring of infrastructure stress can be carried out on a regular basis at great cost savings and protection to human life.

uav wind turbine inspection

uav photo of wind turbine

Our small UAVs and operators can maneuver into spaces difficult, risky and costly to access by other means…

uav infrastructure inspection

inspecting a roof using a uav

Safely from a lower altitude than conventional aerial inspection methods they can capture bird’s eye and close up views to monitor areas of concern…

bridge overview

Viewing them from angles not otherwise easy to access…

powerline inspection closeup

uav power line inspection

Transmitting real-time, precise, high resolution video and images.

Whether you need help with your infrastructure inspections in the energy industry (solar panels, wind turbines, power lines), your transportation infrastructure inspections (roads, tunnels, highways, canals, bridges, harbors, airports), your communications infrastructure inspections (cell phone towers, fiber optic cable installations) or your structural inspections (buildings, plants, rooftops), Contact Us to see how the way we work can save you time, money and risk to human life.

Pipeline Monitoring

Another critical role for the UAV/Drone is the thermal inspection of the thousands of miles of pipelines that transport oil and gas around the world. Oil and gas leaks show up well in thermal imaging because of the temperature differences between the fluid and the soil. Undetected leaks have frequently caused disastrous fires, explosions and loss of life, as well as heavy economic losses. Again, the UAV/Drone is the best and most economical type of platform for this inspection work.

Kaizen Kinetics (formerly North Guardian UAV Services Canada) has a variety of drones from fixed wing to multirotor. These systems are able to carry out a number of different tasks depending on the project needs. Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you with your asset.

drone pipeline monitoring services

Drone Pipeline Monitoring Services

Drone Oil & Gas Services

For a number of years, the Company’s Guardian One UAV/Drone have been patrolling offshore oil fields on a regular basis. Even at night, the Guardian’s FLIR camera reveals the presence of thieves and potential kidnappers, who often try to reach the rigs using small boats. Oil leaks and slicks also show up clearly in infrared, and by detecting them early Guardian has saved oil companies millions in fines, which are imposed automatically for such leaks.

The Guardian’s flight profile, with its respectable flight endurance, slow loitering speed and manually controlled flight path, make it ideal for this surveillance role. Guardian One can carry out operations in the air all night long and inspect each rig thoroughly. Using manned aircraft for this role is impractical, because the frequent maintenance required to support so many flight hours would be extremely costly and time consuming, and the inevitable boredom involved would raise dangers for the pilot. Give us a call today to find out how we can support your operations.

drone oil and gas services

Drone Oil and Gas Services