Jason Kamdar


Jason, CEO and the driving vision of K2 Unmanned Systems, spent over a dozen years with the Boeing Company working in such programs as the Delta Launch Rocket and the International Space Station. In 2013, With the advent of commercial UAVs entering the National Airspace, Jason had a vision of marrying the burgeoning “drone” technology to First Responder operations, and launched K2 Unmanned Systems to fulfill that vision. Initial training classes conducted for SAR teams rapidly led to the development of our professional Commercial Operator UAS curriculum. Jason sees that the benefits of drone technology are clear, and it is the mission of K2 Unmanned Systems to enhance the capabilities of First Responders & Infrastructure inspection teams worldwide as much as possible with these rapidly developing aerial toolsets.

A graduate of San Diego State University, Jason is also a private airplane pilot who enjoys flying Cessna 172's and other single engine aircraft in his spare time.

Kent Nerhus

Director of Business Development

Kent Nerhus is the Director of Business Development K2 Unmanned Systems. Kent has been involved in the sUAS/UAV industry since 2014 obtaining a Section 333 and is a 14 CFR Part 107 licensed UAS pilot. Kent has been working with K2 Unmanned Systems since February 2017.
Email: Kent@K2Unmanned.com

Jake Dayton

Director of Aerospace Engineering

Jake, our UAS Engineer / Technician, is an Aerospace Engineering graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and comes to Kaizen Kinetics with four years of experience working with Unmanned Aerial Systems. During that time, Jake has built, maintained, tested, and enhanced the capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems specifically for Search & Rescue operations. Jake is deeply immersed in the evolution of our drone technology, researching and developing capabilities through EO/IR imaging, Surveillance & Reconnaissance missions, Autonomous Payload Delivery of emergency supplies, along with obstacle Sense & Avoid technology.

Piper Sakamaki

Director of Training

Piper is our director for the Aeronautical Training program. Piper is a Commercial Pilot and has extensive experience as a Canadian bush-pilot, as well as air ambulance, forest fire surveillance and flight instructor experience. He has also served as a Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical Responder and a Lifeguard. Piper saw that the emerging UAS industry would quickly progress to overlap, and eventually replace, many full-scale manned aircraft operations across a myriad of industries. Looking to move with this progression of technology, he joined the rapidly evolving UAS world, developing a great deal of our proprietary training curriculum. His unique background and experience gives depth to our UAS vision and training. Piper is well engaged in the opportunity to get you and your company ahead of the field with FAA Certified UAS operations.

Carter Chamberlin

Research & Development Specialist

Carter is our research and development specialist with two years of experience designing, building, and flying UAVs. As our R&D specialist, carter works directly with our director of aerospace engineering and is responsible for finding new and innovative technologies to rapidly integrate into both our vehicles and manufacturing processes. Carter is heavily involved with the development of our new lithium ion battery packs, in addition to several prototype development vehicles. In addition to R&D, carter is one of our fully FAA part 107 certified commercial UAS pilots.

Eddy Ramos

UAV Technician

Eddy served in the United States Marine Corps as an Unmanned Aerial Systems Maintenance Technician for 4 years working on the RQ7-B, extended wing and V2 aircraft. His duties included mechanical work, electronic mathematics and electrical wiring. He also worked on commercial transformers for airports, which included heavy equipment handling and electrical wiring.