First Responder & SAR Units

K2 Unmanned Systems is committed in providing real-time video and high resolution aerial imaging to First Responder and Search & Rescue teams along with training and custom UAV designs.  We will show you how to set up a UAV program within your department to provide low cost, highly functional aerial support whenever needed.

With the K2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program, First Responder and SAR teams will:

– Save money with aerial SAR operations

– Operate safely and within FAA Regulations

– Have quick recon capabilities for ground teams

– Increase Probability of subject detection with thermal imaging

– Become more efficient in protecting and saving lives

We have custom designed drones to specifically assist in First Responder and SAR operations.  K2 units are outfitted with Zoom HD video cameras as well as the latest FLIR thermal imaging sensors which allows SAR teams to find subjects by reading heat signatures. The ability to see heat signatures is very useful, especially for non-responsive subjects or subjects that are under the cover of trees or brush. FLIR thermal imaging also allow Fire Departments to gain situational awareness, temperature readings and preempt a potential structural collapse all from the safety the UAV in the sky. In addition to utilizing real-time video and thermal imaging, our UAV units also include a mechanical “Claw” to deliver emergency supplies, tow lines, life vests, etc., to stranded victims. K2 Unmanned also offers waterproof units used to launch and land from the water with the ability to search underwater up to depths of 20 ft. K2 also designs portable units that can be backpacked into the wilderness.

At a fraction of the cost of conventional aircraft or helicopters, drones have become the most cost effective solution for First Responder and SAR efforts. The larger, manned aircraft only need to be used for missions such as long distance recon, subject evacuation, etc.

K2 Unmanned is also home to a drone training Academy for your personnel to learn how to fly and operate your organization’s custom built drone, designed for your specific operation. K2 Unmanned has a valid section 333 Grant of Exemption issued by the FAA and as a UAV Drone service provider we can assist you in obtaining all the necessary permits and paper work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

K2 Unmanned is determined to bring unmatched reliability, service, support, safety and continuous evolution of methodology to First Responder and SAR units through our world class training courses, experienced UAV Operators and Designer Engineers.

Please contact us at (714) 274-9500 and we will answer any questions or concerns and arrange to give a free demonstration to your team.

[HD] Kaizen Kinetics International FLIR Thermal Capabilities from K2 Unmanned Systems on Vimeo.