2 Day FAA Part 107 Exam Prep


Product Description

Upcoming training dates: October 17 & 19; November 28 & 30

This course is held at our Huntington Beach location. With on-site training students can learn more and have better understanding by having discussions with the instructors and can also get hands on simulator flight training supervised by instructors.

We host our in-house 2 Day Exam Prep, tailored to get you up to speed with the latest FAA Part 107 written exam knowledge. As a free bonus, this course also includes 2 hours per day of simulator training with one of our flight coaches. In the Classroom, our qualified ground instructors cover all relevant topics including:

■ Air Laws and Regulations ■ National Airspace System ■ Weather for sUAS Operations ■ Human Factors ■ Theory of Aerodynamics ■ Weight and Balance ■ Emergency Procedures ■ Maintenance

Successful completion of this course prepares participants to pass the FAA Part 107 exam.

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