Product Description

The “Bullfrog” is a battery-powered quad-rotor multi-purpose VTOL unmanned marine aerial system. The Bullfrog is water-resistant and can land and maneuver on water. A waterproofed camera and LED illumination operated below the water surface facilitate underwater observation.  This platform is extremely rugged. The Bullfrog has FPV and autonomous mission capability and is designed for law enforcement, search and rescue, crime scene investigation, coastal surveillance and conservation, and infrastructure inspection applications.  Way-points can be changed during the mission. Standard fail-safe modes protect against damage by returning to launch or landing, upon detection of low battery voltage or GPS fault.  The Bullfrog with its ground control station is a one-person carry, and is deployable in less than a minute. Safety, reliability, standardized high-resolution payloads, and ease of deployment make the Bullfrog the ideal system for your aerial marine applications requiring portability without compromising performance.

Standard Specifications:
Flight control board: SuperX, GPS-assisted, IMU stabilized flight control
Control: Jam-resistant spread spectrum, frequency hopping
Deployment Time: 2-minute from travel case
Construction:  Rugged Kydex air-frame
Payload and Endurance:  1 lb. payload capacity for up to 25 minutes
Flight Ceiling: 2300 feet (FAA-restricted to 400 feet in USA)
GPS Accuracy: 2.5 meter CEP (SBAS available)
Top Speed: 23 mph

Optional Payloads:
2D stabilized gimbal, HD EO camera, and FLIR Thermal Imagery


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