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Product Description

The “Phoenix” is a battery-powered flying-wing multi-purpose unmanned aerial system designed for long-range surveillance, communications relay, law enforcement, search and rescue, fire management, and aerial survey applications.  The Phoenix has FPV and autonomous mission capability.  Way-points can be changed during mission. Standard fail-safe modes protect against damage by returning to launch or landing, upon detection of low battery voltage or GPS fault.  Safety, reliability, standardized high-resolution payloads, and ease of deployment make the Phoenix the ideal system for your applications.

Standard Specifications:
Autopilot: PixHawk, GPS-assisted, gyro and accelerometer flight control
Control: Jam-resistant spread spectrum, frequency hopping
Deployment Time: 1-minute from travel case
Wingspan: 2120 mm
Construction:  Rugged EPO air-frame
Payload and Endurance:  1.2kg payload capacity for up to 60 minutes
GPS Accuracy: 2.5 meter CEP (SBAS available)
Top Speed: 53 mph
Flight Ceiling: 6000 feet (FAA-restricted to 400 feet in USA)

Optional Payloads:
2D stabilized gimbal, HD EO camera, and FLIR Thermal Imagery


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