As the FAA has recently relaxed the rules placed on drone operators, the White House is reportedly drafting legislation that would allow government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and federal law enforcement the authorization to take over, disrupt, or even take down suspicious drones operating in US airspace.

Both agencies currently lack the ability to neutralize or interfere with unmanned aerial systems (UAS. The bill would expand their authority in this area. According to the Wall Street Journal, it would give power to the DHS, the FBI, and other federal law enforcement agencies to use radio transmission or other forms of communication to interfere with drones.

As of now, in the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 107—which is concerned with sUAS’s—it is illegal to interfere with drone operators. The White House legislation would give federal law enforcement agencies the ability to target drones that they identify as suspicious or hostile.

This would stand in contrast with how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently been dealing with drone rules and regulations, which has been more relaxed.

The proposed legislation is expected to be released soon. Such authority to interfere with and take over hostile drones, or even take them down has already been granted to the Department of Energy and the Pentagon for drones that pass over their facilities.

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