Huntington Beach, CA – August 8, 2018: The world is standing by to see how innovative drone technology will revolutionize the way we live. From delivering goods to saving lives, drones are becoming a part of our everyday life sooner than we think.

Every week, top news outlets reveal new applications in public safety, critical infrastructure inspection, news broadcast, and food delivery. Just a few weeks ago, an Indianapolis Fire Department reported the use of their UAV to drop a flotation device to rescue a runaway suspect. Similarly, a mountain rescue team in Colorado used infrared drone imaging to locate a missing hiker in record time.

As drone technology grows, commercial businesses and government agencies are looking to American drone companies for assistance in learning about unmanned technology and purchasing drones themselves, with the assurance that it is coming from a trustworthy source.

K2 Unmanned Systems of Huntington Beach, CA is at the forefront of this technological revolution. The American drone manufacturer and services provider is literally flying commercial operations into the 21st century by working closely with government representatives and private companies to develop drone programs while educating key personnel on how to safely and efficiently use drone technology to augment their operations.

K2 Unmanned will be having a public demo of their American-built UAV, The Knight Hawk, next week, and encourage all those interested in the Orange County and Los Angeles County area to head down to Huntington Beach and check it out.

Time and location of this event can be found on their website: