Huntington Beach, Calif. – September 13, 2018: K2 Unmanned Systems, a premiere commercial drone manufacturer in Huntington Beach, CA has announced that they are now providing tethered drone solutions for their American manufactured UAVs.

Drone tethering is the most recent trend in the unmanned world, eliminating the flight time restrictions of UAV technology. Tied to a power source on the ground, a thin cord is attached to the drone, providing continuous power, allowing the UAV to remain at altitude without having interrupt the mission for a battery swap.

This is a game-changer for industries like first response and private security, whose responsibilities include long-term surveillance and area overwatch. With tethered drone solutions, operators will now have unlimited aerial surveillance for a very cost-effective price. Now Firemen can maintain 24/7 surveillance on wildfires, law enforcement can monitor crime scenes and large events, and private security can provide unique viewpoints for maximum vigilance.

K2 Unmanned has tapped France-based tether manufacturer, Elistair, to assist in the development of this new technology. Elistair tethers and K2 Unmanned UAVs are now compatible and available for build-to-order purchase. For more information, contact K2 Unmanned Systems by email at or by phone at 714-274-9500.

Information on K2’s drone tethering solutions is available on their website at:

About Elistair:


Elistair is a civilian drones start-up which designs, manufactures, and sales tethering stations for drones, for civilian security actors, military forces, private safety companies, and major industrial groups. Based on Elistair patented micro-tether technology, the company’s tethering solutions are deployed for long duration aerial observation missions and emergency telecommunications. Elistair quickly developed and consolidated its position to become one of the main tethered drones actors first on a national scale, and then internationally. The company is supported by the DGA (French Defense Procurement Agency) in the frame of a RAPID project, and winner of the Horizon 2020 European program award.