Kaizen [kahy-zen] noun
1.    a business philosophy or system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis, as to improve productivity.
2.    an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement   Origin of kaizen   Japanese: literally, ‘continuous improvement’
Kinetics [ki-net-iks]
1.    the laws of physics governing motion

About our Company

K2 Unmanned Systems

K2 Unmanned Systems is a drone services company offering FAA Certified Training, Flight Operations and custom design drones located in Huntington Beach. K2 Unmanned Systems is home to a Drone Training Academy providing your team with the necessary training to obtain FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification. K2 offers on-site classroom, simulator room and in-field training programs as well as online, self-paced training programs. Our training programs are tailored to your team’s unique mission and operational environment. Our goal is to make you a fully functional FAA Certified Remote Pilot with deep knowledge and proficient hands-on remote piloting skills so you can fly efficiently and safely within FAA rules and regulations.

We have in-house engineers so we can custom design and build a UAV/drone specific to your mission’s needs with HD Zoom cameras, FLIR/infrared thermal imaging and payload delivery options.

We can send FAA Certified Remote Pilots to fly missions for your company. We  provide you with a professionally-trained pilot and spotter, flight planning logistics, and carry full liability insurance for all commercial drone services as required by The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have traveled around the world with our gear and have all required passports and travel documentations.

UAVs are the superior alternative to flying expensive traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and rescue efforts, as well as aerial videography, site surveys/inspections, photogrammetry, and a multitude of other uses.

Jason Kamdar


Jason, CEO and the driving vision of K2 Unmanned Systems, spent over a dozen years with the Boeing Company working in such programs as the Delta Launch Rocket and the International Space Station. The past decade he managed the corporate operations of Affordable Engineering Services, a key Defense contractor for the US Navy and Air Force. With the advent of commercial UAVs entering the National Airspace, Jason had a vision of marrying the burgeoning “drone” technology to First Responder operations, and launched K2 Unmanned Systems to fulfill that vision. Initial training classes conducted for SAR teams rapidly led to the development of our University grade curriculum. Jason sees that the benefits of UAV technology are clear, and it is the mission of K2 Unmanned Systems to enhance the capabilities of First Responders & Infrastructure inspection teams as much as possible with these rapidly developing aerial toolsets.

Our History

North America’s premier unmanned systems company

Headquartered in Orange County, California,  K2 Unmanned Systems was launched in 2014 as an independent corporation to complement the offices of Affordable Engineering Services, a leading Defense contractor to the United States military.

Focused on bridging the technology gaps of the global unmanned systems environment, K2U is establishing a deep network of teaming partners in the Science, Academia and Commercial industry sectors, as well as Public Safety and Utilities.

K2 Unmanned aims to bring unmatched reliability, service, safety and continuous improvement methodology to the international sphere through our exceptional training courses and experienced UAV operators.

For more information contact: info@k2unmanned.com