World-Class Drone Training

Ground School

$ 595.00

2 Days
  •  Part 107 Exam Prep
  •  Air Laws & Regulations
  •  Theory of Aerodynamics
  •  National Airspace System
  •  Weight & Balance
  •  Weather for sUAS Operations
  •  Emergency Procedures
  •  Human Factors
  •  Maintenance
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Commercial Operations Immersion

$ 1495

3 Days
Ground School, PLUS:
  • Industry Outlook
  •  Commercial Operations
  •  Communication Protocols
  •  Risk Management
  • Simulator Training
  •  In-Field Flight Training
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Advanced Flight Skills

$ 1495

2 Days
  •  Flight Planning
  •  Preflight Procedures
  • Pre/Post Flight Checklists
  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Autonomous Flights, Maintenance, and Batteries
  • Ground Control Station (GCS)
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Complete UAS PackageRecommended

$ 2990

5 Days
  •  3 Day Commercial Operations Course
  •  2 Day Advanced Flight Skills Course
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K2 Unmanned Systems  Drone Training provides your team with the necessary skills to obtain FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification. K2  Unmanned offers on-site classroom lessons, simulator room and in-field training programs as well as online, self-paced training programs. Our programs are tailored to your team’s unique mission and operational environment.

Our goal is to make you a fully functional FAA Certified Remote Pilot with deep knowledge and proficient hands-on remote piloting skills so you can fly efficiently and safely within FAA rules and regulations.

Become an FAA Certified Drone Pilot and get ahead of the competition!

NOW IN EFFECT:  FAA Part 107 Small UAS Rule requires the person operating a drone for commercial us to have a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating, or be directly supervised by someone with such a certificate.

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Phone: (714) 274-9500

Are there more plans?

Customize your UAS training course to fit your needs! We are equipped to bring our training programs on the road and can customize programs for your specific industry, teach the skills and techniques necessary to utilize drones to their maximum potential.  We have taught courses, given lectures, and flown our UAVs all over the world.

Group Discounts

Learn more about our group discounts for team training. Email us today at to get a quote! Please include the number of trainees in your team and location for training desired.