1. How long has K2 Unmanned been in business? K2 Unmanned was founded in 2014 with the backing of Affordable Engineering Services (AES), Inc.
  2. How do I become a reseller? Please call us at 714.274.9500 to learn more about becoming a reseller.
  3. Careers at K2? Please submit your resume and cover letter to info@k2unmanned.com to apply.
  1. What are the qualifications of K2 Training Academy instructors? All instructors are experienced Part 107 pilots with a deep knowledge of FAA regulation and real world aviation. Several of our instructors are also manned aircraft pilots.
  2. What is involved with simulator training? Simulator training is the perfect way to establish the muscle memory and eye/hand coordination necessary to pilot a UAS. In our training courses, students gain “stick time” to learn how to manage the flight controls. We program crosswinds so the student learns to maintain stable flight in windy conditions and include various challenges and scenarios to develop their cinematography skills.
  3. What is the pass rate for students who take a K2 class to prep for the Part 107 test? Our academy is proud to have a 100% pass rate.
  1. How much does the Knight Hawk cost? Price varies by payload configuration. Please call us at 714.274.9500 or email at info@k2unmanned.com to receive a personalized quote. We will respond within 48 hours.
  2. Does K2 sell to the hobbyist market? No. K2 Unmanned’s UAVs are designed and manufactured for commercial use only.
  3. What comes with the Knight Hawk? The unit comes equipped with a ground control station tablet, controller, two batteries, battery charger, travel case with custom cut foam, manufacturer training, and a 90-day warranty. Additional items available for purchase are: extra batteries, upgraded dual port charger, and scheduled maintenance plan.
  4. How long does it take to deploy the Knight Hawk? The complete system is packaged in an easily transported hard shell case and takes about 5 minutes to unfold, initialize, and launch.
  5. What camera comes with the Knight Hawk? The FLIR Duo Pro has both FLIR capability and a high-resolution camera, which can record 4K video and take 12 megapixel images. Both record simultaneously.
  6. How long is the Knight Hawk’s flight time? Maximum flight time for the Knight Hawk is up to 30 minutes.
  7. Is the Knight Hawk compatible with third party sensors? Yes, we have the ability to equip the Knight Hawk with a variety of third party sensors (depending on weight and integration/control). This is done with a change order through our professional maintenance and repair facilities.
  8. What are the Knight Hawk’s payload capabilities? Payload drop capabilities are designated at a maximum 5 lbs. of payload transport. The Knight Hawk is equipped with a “drop box” to transport/drop payloads such as emergency supplies, towline, buoy, etc. This 5 lbs. payload capacity is in addition to the camera weight.
  9. If I break a component on my Knight Hawk, can it be replaced? Yes, this is done through our nationwide repair and maintenance facilities.
  10. How is my data secure? The Knight Hawk does not connect to Wi-Fi or send data to foreign servers via satellite. Therefore, the information remains secure within the closed circuit system.
  11. What’s a closed circuit system? Closed circuit system is in reference to the Knight Hawk’s ability to keep all data collected on the aircraft. The Knight Hawk does NOT fly via Wi-Fi, which helps to avoid third party access.
  12. Does the Knight Hawk have autopilot? Yes, the Knight Hawk has autopilot and mission planning capabilities.

  13. Are K2 products USA Made? Yes. We design and assemble all Knight Hawk aircraft in Huntington Beach, CA.
  14. Where can I find the Knight Hawk specs? Knight Hawk specs are available on our website at https://k2unmanned.com/knight-hawk/
  15. How do I schedule a Knight Hawk demo for my organization/company? To schedule a demo, please contact us by phone at 714.274.9500 or email at info@k2unmanned.com.