2 Day Advanced Flight Skills Course


Upcoming training dates: February 27 & March 01

This course is held at our Huntington Beach location. With on-site training students can learn more and have better understanding by having discussions with the instructors and get hands on flight training supervised by instructors.

Emphasizing in more in-field training, this course hones your ability to safely execute advanced maneuvers while operating in challenging environmental conditions. Your eye / hand coordination and muscle memory will be developed in both simulator exercises as well as extensive live flights in the field. The focus in this course is to develop flight discipline and the ability to respond to events such as incoming airborne traffic, wind variables, and emergency situations.

In the classroom we will teach:

■ Flight planning ■ Pre-flight procedures ■ Pre/post flight checklists ■ Learn to use Heads Up Display (HUD) effectively ■ Ground Control Station (GCS) elements ■ Program autonomous flights ■ Maintenance and battery issues

Our goal is to make you a fully functional Remote Pilot so you can fly efficiently and safely within FAA rules and regulations.

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